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Gear FAQ

What if Teaboy doesn't have a piece of gear I use?

While the ultimate goal is for Teaboy to have every piece of gear ever made, it will take some time to include everything and will be a never ending goal as there is a nearly unlimited amount of gear out there and more being added every day. But knowing what gear users are waiting for helps prioritize what to look for or work on first. The best thing to do is to create a post under the Bugs section of the forum. Try to put the name of the gear in the title of the thread so it is easier to spot. This will make us aware that someone is in need of a particular piece of gear.

Is there a way I can add a piece of gear myself?

Currently no. In the future we plan to build an editor to allow users to create and add their own gear. But due to the complexity involved in this, such a feature will have to wait until the more essential part of the service are complete.

Is there anything I can do to help expedite a piece of gear being added?

Some gear is easy to find some gear is hard to find. Gear is added as it becomes accessible to us and certain pieces may take longer to add because they are harder to obtain. However, you can try to send a picture to help@teaboyaudio.com of a piece of gear. This doesn't guarantee that the picture will be usable, but it can greatly help expedite the process. Even if it means simply creating a temporary mechanical drawing version. The problem is that some pieces of gear can be created from a simple picture, while other pieces of gear require many many pictures of different parts in differnt positions with professional lighting and a stable tripod.

If I send a picture what can I do to ensure it's going to be as helpful as possible?

Here are some tips if you want to take the initiative to send in a picture:

  • use the highest quality/resolution possible. If your camera has a raw option, then that is best.
  • Take the picture straight on without any angles. The less angles, the more likely the settings will be readable.
  • Focus! Some people have sent in pictures, but because they are out of focus, the settings are unreadable.
  • Lighting, look at the picture and see if you can make out the settings and that it is bright enough to see. The picture alone isn't what helps, the clarity and ability to make out all the knobs and parameters, etc is.
  • Remember that if there is not much light, then the shutter of the camera will stay open longer and any movement will cause a blurry effect. The brighter the room is, the less chance of this, and the darker the room, the more you will need a tripod or a way to keep the camera perfectly still.

I found the gear i need to use, but some of them are incorrect. What do I do?

This is considered a bug. Create a thread under the Bugs section of the forum and try to include the name of the gear in the title. Describe in as much detail the problem with the piece of gear and how it should function. Because we are dealing with so many different pieces of gear, it becomes difficult to keep track of how each knob on every piece works. Letting us know when gear isn't working the way it should is a HUGE help to us and is strongly encouraged. Please don't think that reporting bugs in the gear is a bother, as it is the best help we can get and is always greatly appreciated.