Teaboy Audio Products and Services

The following products and services are available from Teaboy Audio. We understand the nature of a Teaboy and our pricing model reflects this. Existing users who want to purchase a paid subscription can do so from the Payment page.

Product List

Teaboy Client Required

The Client is made available to everyone. A subscription is required to make use of the Recall functionality. The signup levels are listed below. This downloadable client is required for all levels of Teaboy Service.

Visit this Link for a list of requirements and to download additional software.


Basic Membership

Basic membership allows clients to create a song and load gear. There is no limit to the # of gear allowed. Saving, printing and exporting are not supported in this membership.


*Limited Functionality

Standard Membership

This subscription allows you to store 10 songs in the online database and import/export an unlimited number of songs locally. Songs are limted to 10 pieces of gear for online storage. Standard membership also allows unlimited PDF printing of songs. Monthly: $9.99
6-Month: $40 *
*Save $19.94

Pro Membership

Pro Members are allowed unlimited song storage in a secure online database, unlimited local storage of import/exported songs, unlimited gear per song, and unlimited PDF printing of songs.

Monthly: $19.99
6-Month: $95.94 *
*Save $23.95