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Printing FAQ

How does printing work?

When you print a song in Teaboy, it does not print directly to your printer. Instead it creates a PDF file. This allows you to have a read-only hard copy of your work. From this you can then choose to store it on your hard drive with your session files, or you can print it directly to your printer from the PDF file. Pressing the Print button in Teaboy will bring up a dialog asking you were to save the PDF file as well as some option as to the print formatting.

When I print I get mechanical drawings of my gear instead of pictures, why?

By default Teaboy is set to print out mechanical images. The reason for this is because the real images can use up a lot of ink. Also, sometimes the real images can be harder to read in a PDF reader without having to zoom in.

But I want the real pictures in my PDF. How can I do this?

When you open the print dialog, you are given the option of selecting between pictures or mechanical. Simply select Pictures instead of Mechanical from the pull down menu in the Print dialog window.

But I don't want to have to set this every time I print, what can I do?

You can set the default print settings in the Preferences found under the File menu. The settings you select in the preferences will determine the default settings each time you print. Changing the print settings in the print dialog will only effect that instance of printing.

What if I don't need to print every section of the Teaboy documents?

In the printer dialog window, you can uncheck the sections that you don't need to print. If you only need to print out the gear itself, you can uncheck the patching, console, and info sections for example. You can also set the printing defaults in the Preferences window under the File menu.

Why should I print songs if I have them on the server?

Printing songs provides an easy to use back up copy. This will protect you in case you accidentally delete a song or alter the wrong song for example. It also allows you to share the recall notes with someone who is not signed up for the Teaboy service. You can keep a PDF copy with your session for archival purposes so that anyone can read it years down the road. Also, should you ever cancel the Teaboy audio service you can keep these PDF files without needing the teaboy service.