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Online Service FAQ

Why is Teaboy a service instead of a standalone application?

Teaboy is a service rather than a stand alone application due to the nature of the work being done with Teaboy. This type of work often involves people having to move from studio to studio, or place to place. It also involves archival of data which makes storage the focal point of Teaboy. So having a standalone application would cripple the functionality of Teaboy and make it unusable in many situations.

Why should I want a service instead of a standalone application?

  • Because Teaboy involves using representations of products made by other companies, the service model allows legal protection and a means of not only correcting disputes, but allowing these companies to maintain control over how their products are represented. To purchase licensing for the use of every piece of gear ever made would make such a product impossible. However with the service model, gear can be removed easily if a manufacturer has a complaint. This is not possible with a standalone application and the legal ramifications could hurt the users.
  • The Teaboy content is constantly changing on a daily basis. To create a standalone application would mean that it is outdated as soon as it is shipped or downloaded. While many applications are finished upon shipping and need only bug fixes for updates, Teaboy is continually changing and will never be finished. if it is finished, it means the audio industry has come to an end.
  • Always up to date. Never having to worry about paying for updates. The software will always be current and there will never be any issues with having to upgrade.
  • Security. Files are stored in a secure and safe online database. Because this documentation is used for archival purposes it is crucial that the data not be lost. With the service model the data is stored on top of the line servers and monitored 24/7 by IT specialists who also have routine and comprehensive back up procedures. With a standalone application you have to constantly think about backing up and protecting your data from people walking in and accessing your computer. Even in the Beta testing there have been many users who have had computer crashes that would have resulted in lost data had it not been for the service model. And the security provided by having to use an encrypted login service as well as the data being stored in a database which by itself is unreadable is much greater than the security of a standalone application
  • Privacy. Because the data is stored in a database, protected by encrypted login, and monitored from hacks by a 24/7 IT team, there is much more privacy than you can get from a standalone application. And because this type of application is meant to work on a laptop, laptops generally are less likely to be backed up and more likely to be used by other people.
  • Portability. You can walk into any studio or facility in the world and have access to your data. There is no requirement to have the computer the software is installed on to access your data.
  • Copy protection. No dongles, or response codes to deal with. no having to worry how many computers you can install the software on. No having to worry about using up all your response codes. Install as many times as you want, on as many computers you want, and in any locations you want.

What if I don't have internet access?

The downside to the service model is that you can't use Teaboy without internet access. However the goal here is to bring a high tech solution to recording and not having an internet connection is very rare these days. The number of people without an internet connection is far smaller than the number of people who need the accessibility of travel and the security and privacy that the service model offers. No solution will work for everyone and this one benefits the most people possible.

What if my connection goes down?

Teaboy allows the printing of PDF files so that you can store a hard copy of your documentation on your hard drive. It is recommended that you print a PDF at the end of each project for this purpose. In addition you can export a song to your local computer for storage. With the import/export feature you can store files locally and still be able to make changes.

How does billing work?

Teaboy uses a recurring billing method where your credit card is charged automatically at the beginning of each cycle (monthly, quarterly, and bi-annually). Upon cancellation, the service will continue to work until the end of the billing cycle. The maintenance of your service is done through pay pal. If you wish to cancel, you can find a cancellation option on your Paypal account.

What happens to all my work if I cancel?

Right now Paypal is the only accepted payment method. However we plan to expand to other payments in the very near future. We hope that a few months after launch, this entry in the FAQ can be removed.