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Subscription FAQ

How do I subscribe to Teaboy?

If you have registered as a user, you can subscribe by going to the Products page and clicking on one of the subscription models you like. you will then be asked to log in using your registration information. From here you can select the subscription model and the period you prefer. Pressing the Order button will show you a total and a description of your choices. From here you can place an order using Paypal. If you don't already have a Paypal account, then you can still opt to pay with credit card through Paypal.

You can also subscribe from your control panel in the Teaboy Audio forums.

What if I just want to sign up immediately?

Teaboy subscriptions use a 2 step process which simply divides the process in two. The reason being that many people may just want to try the demo, or discuss on the forums. A paid subscription simply takes this one step further. You can try out the software as long as you like and then add a subscription. Or you can register for the software and immediately add a subscription. It's the same amount of steps involved, only set in two sections for more flexibility.

What if I can't remember to renew my subscription?

Subscriptions work on an auto-renewal basis. At the end of a subscription period, the subscription will automatically renew itself. The only time you have to interfere is if you wish to cancel a subscription which can be done from your Paypal account.

Do I have to remember to cancel on the last day of my subscription?

No. You can cancel a subscription at any time and it will continue to the end its period. When you purchase a subscription you are paying for that entire period of time. At the end of that period Paypal will automatically renew a new subscription. You can cancel the renewal at any point in your Paypal account.

What if I want to upgrade from Standard to Pro?

Each Subscription is treated separately. You would want to cancel your Standard subscription and then add a Pro subscription. The two may overlap in the process but so long as you have a Pro subscription you will not be limited in any way.