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Adding and Removing gear

To add gear to your song, select Add Gear from the Gear menu ( CMD+G on Mac, CTRL+G on Windows). This will bring up the Gear Chooser. From here a list will be loaded from the Teaboy server.


You can filter the list using the filters at the top of the dialog box. For example, typing 'Pultec' in the Manufacturer filter will shorten the gear list to show only gear made by Pultec. All gear also contains tags indicating the type of gear it is such as dynamics, reverb, delay, EQ, etc. using the Tag filter, you can display all gear of that category. For example, selecting Reverb from the Tags filter will display all gear that is categorized as a reverb.

Column Sorting

The gear is listed in several columns of information such as the model, manufacturer and description. Clicking on a column title will sort the list by that column. Clicking again on a column will reverse the list order by that column.

Once you select a piece of gear you want to use, you can click Add to load that gear into the song. This method will leave the Gear Chooser open so that you can continue to add more gear into the song. Alternatively you can double-click on a piece of gear to add it to the song. Once you are finished adding all the gear you want, you can select Done, or press the Return key to dismiss the Gear Chooser.

The first time you use a piece of gear, it will be downloaded into your computer. This might take a moment to download. From then on, the gear will exist on your local computer and will load much faster from then on. This allows you to download only the gear you need rather than having to download everything and waste hard drive space as well as time.

Removing Gear

Select the piece of gear you want to remove and then from the Gear menu, select Delete Gear. For safety reasons there is no key command to do this. An alternative method would be to right-click on a piece of gear in the Rack list ( CTRL-Click for Mac users with one mouse button), and choose Delete [name of gear].