Learn how to use the teaboy software or get help with common problems. Remember to also refer to the user Forum for additional help.

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Teaboy and the Teaboy Audio services.

Using the Console Tab

The Console tab is used for notating a console's channel labels as well as how gear is patched throughout the console. Unlike the Patch List it gives you a layout of where everything is patched in in relationship to the actual console. Some people may prefer to use this, while others may prefer to use just the Patch List. Some may use both. By default the console starts with 24 channels. This is to make it more obvious as to how the console works. But channels can easily be added or removed.

Console Sheets

Many consoles can contain too many channels to display on one page of paper. To deal with this the console will be spread across multiple sheets. How much of the console is displayed per sheet depends on how you configure your console. You navigate between console sheets by selecting on the different console sheets under the Console section of the Rack pane.

Adding Channels

You can add channels to the console by selecting Insert Channels from the Console Menu. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to enter the number of channels you would like to add. Pressing OK. Alternately you can press the Insert Channels button in the Button bar.

Removing Channels

Select Remove Channels from the Console menu, or you can press the Remove Channels button from the Button bar. A dialog will appear asking you how many channels to remove. This will remove the last channels of the console, so any data in those channels will be lost.

Adding Rows

You can add a row to the console by selecting Add Row from the Console menu or pressing the Add Row button from the Button bar. A new row will be added to the bottom of the console.

Deleting Rows

In order to delete a row, you need to right-click on that row title and select Delete [Row Name]. Mac users with one mouse button will need to press CTRL+Click on the desired row title. You will be asked if you are sure and will see the name of the row you are about to delete. This will prevent accidentally deleting the wrong row.

Editing a Row Name

You can edit the name of a row by double-clicking on the row title and typing the name you want.

Coloring a Row

Each row can be given a color to make the console easier to read. You can choose a color by right-clicking on the row title. Mac users with one mouse button need to CTRL+Click on the row title. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to select your color of choice. Pressing the OK button will commit the color change.

Changing a row size

You can change the row sizes by moving your mouse between two rows. This will change your cursor to a resizing cursor. Click and move the cursor up and down to adjust to taste. The row above your cursor will change size and the rows below will move up or down to compensate.

Changing the Number of Channels per Row

By default 8 channels are displayed per channel bank. However you can change this setting so as to get more channels in one page. Adding more channels per row will also decrease the amount of text that you can type. From the Console Menu, select Console Info. A dialog box will appear allowing you to enter your desired channel per row number. Pressing OK will commit the change.

Entering information into the Console

Entering data into the console is as simple as double-clicking on a cell and typing.