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Copy/Paste Settings

Often is the case where you may have some gear being used in stereo and don't want to have to re-enter the same settings multiple times. Copy/Paste settings comes in handy for this. Also in cases where the settings are close enough that you can paste them in and make just a few tweaks instead of starting from scratch.

Copy Settings

To copy gear settings, either select Copy Settings ( CMD+SHIFT+C on Mac, CTRL+SHIFT+C on Windows), or right-click on the gear in the rack list to select Copy. This will copy the settings of the currently selected piece of gear. Alternately you can select Copy Settings from the Gear Menu.


To Paste the settings, select the piece of gear that you want to copy to and select Paste Settings from the Gear menu ( CMD+SHIFT+V on Mac, CTRL+SHIFT+V on Windows), or right-click on the destination gear and choose Paste. Alternately you can select Copy Settings from the Gear Menu.

Copy/Paste settings will ONLY work on the same model of gear. So you won't be able to copy settings from a Distressor and paste them into an 1176. Doing so will result in an error message to let you know it did not work.