Learn how to use the teaboy software or get help with common problems. Remember to also refer to the user Forum for additional help.

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Teaboy and the Teaboy Audio services.

Deleting Songs

There is no specific dialog box for deleting a song and we don't want to make deleting songs so easy that it can happen by accident. You can delete a saved song through either the New Song dialog window, or the Open Song dialog window. Both of these contain a Delete button. Simply select the song you want to remove in either dialog box and press Delete. You will be asked if you are sure first so that you don't delete a saved song by accident.

Open Song

Press the Open button in the Button bar, or use the key command. CMD+O for Mac, CTRL+O for Windows. Or select Open from the File menu.

New Song

Press the New Button in the Button bar or use the key command. CMD+N on Mac or CTRL+N on Windows. Alternately you can select New from the File menu.