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Disabling Gear

Often is the case that you will continuously use the same set of gear, but some songs will use some pieces while others may not. Rather than removing gear for each song and adding gear for each song, you can use the disable feature. This allows you to keep your entire rooms gear in your rack list and notate which is and isn't being used in a song. Without this feature you may end up recalling gear that isn't being used, and thus wasting valuable time. With disabled gear, you can easily see what gear is not being used and skip over it.

Disable Gear

To disable a piece of gear, select Disable Gear from the Gear menu, or right-click on the gear in the Rack list and select Disable [name of gear]. You will see that the piece of gear becomes grayed out, a big red X is placed on top, the name of the gear in the Rack list becomes gray and italic, making it very obvious that the gear is not being used. In addition, the gear is not editable while disabled.

Enable Gear

You can enable disabled gear in the same manner from the Gear menu or by right-clicking on the disabled gear. By default the disabled gear will not be printed when printing a PDF file. If you wish to print disabled gear as well, you can change this setting in the Preferences under the File menu.

Disable Folders

Folders work the same way as gear does when it comes to enabling or disabling. Only disabling a folder will also disable all the gear within that folder. This is useful if you want to have a rack of gear in your setup, but aren't using it for a particular song. You can do this using the same procedure as for gear, only while a folder is selected.