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Using Folders

Teaboy has a feature called folders. This lets you organize your rack list into groups of gear. You may have several outboard racks of gear in your studio that can each be represented by a folder. This lets you better organize them, keep your session tidy, and it can allow you to easily hide a group of gear from being seen if you hvae a big list.

Add Subfolder to Root

To create a folder, you need to right-click on the root folder in the Gear list. This is the pane on the left side of the Teaboy application. If you don't see the root folder, then you may to click on the Gear list to open it. For those on Macintosh with a one-button mouse, you can right-click by holding down CTRL while clicking. Once you right-click on the root folder you will be given the option to create a subfolder and name it.

Add Subfolder to...

You can create subfolders within subfolders by right-clicking on a folder and choosing Add Subfolder to..

Rename Folder

You can rename a folder anytime you like by right-clicking on the folder, selecting Rename Folder, and typing your new folder name (press OK).

Remove Folder

This option allows you to remove a folder. If there is gear in the folder, you will be asked if you would also like to delete the gear as well. If you do not want to remove the gear within the folder, then you can move that gear to the new location and then return to deleting the folder

Disable Folder

Disable folder has the same function as it does with gear. It will allow you to disable an entire folder of gear. You may for example have a rack of gear in your setup that represent one of your actual gear racks. if you don't need to use that rack of gear for a project, you can disable it so as to notate that it was not used in the session and not have to print out recall sheets for them.

Most projects will be started from a previous project, so removing gear and having to re-add it later can be a lot of work. Disabling gear or racks allows you to keep your set up as it is in the studio, but know what does or doesn't need to be recalled.

Putting Gear in a folder

To put gear into a folder, simply drag the gear over the folder. You can also drag gear out of a folder in the same fashion. Folders can also be dragged into other folders.