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The Gear Pane

The Gear tab has 3 main sections: The Rack pane, the Editor pane, and the Display pane.

The Rack pane

This section functions much like your hardware rack. It shows a list of the gear in your rack and can be categorized by rack folders. You can use folders to represent different physical racks of gear, or simply to group gear together, such as a rack of Neve modules, etc. Folders also allow you to hide groups of gear and thus make gear outside of that group easier to see. This section also displays your Patch list pages, and Console pages. Clicking on any of these or any piece of gear will display those items in the Gear pane. Clicking on any of the section titles in this pane will collapse or open those sections. For example, clicking on the Console title will collapse that section of the pane and make more room for the other sections.

Gear in the rack and be reorganized by simply click-dragging into position. While dragging, a line will appear between two pieces of gear where the gear you are dragging will be inserted. once you release the mouse button, the gear will move to that spot. While dragging, any gear under your mouse will highlight to indicate that the gear you are dragging will be placed right before the highlighted gear.

Right-clicking on a gear unit will give you several options such as deleting the gear, removing the gear, copying its settings, or pasting settings into that gear. It will also give you the option to bring up the Gear Chooser and add a new piece of gear to the rack.

This pane can be re-sized by positioning your mouse over the right edge and dragging.

Editor pane

This pane displays the parameters of selected gear. This can be used to enter values manually rather than turning knobs. For some gear, turning knobs is faster, for some entering in values is faster. The Distressor for example is easier to enter dial values by typing in text than turning the knobs with a mouse. Any changes made in the editor will reflect in the Gear pane and vice versa.

The Editor pane is divided into sections. These sections are titled and clicking on a section title will collapse that section. This makes it easier to see parameters that are off the screen without scrolling. or certain groups of parameters may not be used, so collapsing them will make reading the editor easier.

This section can be re-sized by putting your mouse over the right edge and dragging. you can close this panel all together by clicking on the arrows in the top right corner of the pane. Clicking again will then re-open the pane. Many times the parameters are not needed and closing this pane can give you more room in the Gear pane.

Display pane

This is the pane that shows you the picture of the piece of gear and is the largest section of the display. Which ever piece of gear in the Rack pane is selected is what will be displayed in the Gear pane. In addition to the piece of gear, this pane also displays the Song title, Artist, and connections to the gear at the bottom of the window. The display pane will also display the contents of which ever tab you currently selected. So selecting the Console tab will display the console information in the Display pane.