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Gear Tab Features

The Gear tab has its own set of features at the top. Here is a list of what each feature does:

New: This opens the New Song dialog box so you can start a new song. If you have not saved the current song, you will first be asked if you would like to save first.

Open: This brings up the Open Song dialog box where you can select from a list of saved sessions. If you have not saved the current song, you will be first asked if you would like to save.

Save: This will save the current song.

Save As: This will save the current song, but give you the option of changing the Song title, Artist, or Date.

Print: This will allow you to print your song as a PDF file for printing or backup.

Add Gear: This will bring up the Gear Chooser, allowing you to add new gear to the current song.

View: This allows you to select 3 viewing options.

  • Actual. This displays the gear at full size. Most gear will be too big to fit in the gear pane and will require that you drag on the background to navigate. While you may not be able to see the entire piece at one time, you will be able to easily see the settings of the gear.
  • Preview. This displays the gear as you would see it printed out on paper. This will allow you to see The entire piece of gear at once. Sometimes this small size can be harder to edit, but easier to see as a whole.
  • Full. This mode will collapse the Editor pane giving you more room to display the gear on screen. It will not automatically fit the entire gear unit into the window. Instead it will display actual size, but provide more screen space.

Zoom: This section allows you to zoom in and out of the gear unit using the + and - buttons, so as to maximize your screen space. Pressing Normal Size will simply reset the zoom setting to default.

Presets: This menu allows you to use presents for the settings of a piece of gear. If you have settings that you use often, you can save time by saving them as a preset. This can come in very handy with Digital based gears which can contain hundreds of parameters. Rather than type in every parameter or simply noting the patch name, you can select the patch from the presets menu to automatically enter all the parameters for that patch.

Skin: This allows you to select different views of a piece of gear. Two default skins for every piece of gear are Photo: Which displays the gear as a real picture. And Mechanical, which displays the gear as a black and white mechanical drawing. The Mechanical drawing comes in handy if you wish to print out the gear onto paper since real pictures can use up a lot of ink. Also, sometimes the mechanical skin can be easier to see settings than a real picture. Skins can also be used to show different versions of a piece of gear. For example a silver 1176, or a black faced 1176.

Links: Also provided are links in the Help menu to take you to the gear manufacturer's web site, the web page for the piece of gear, and download the manual for the piece of gear.