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Creating a new song

Once you have logged on, you can start a new song by selecting New from the File menu (CMD+N on Mac, CTRL+N on Windows). This will bring up the New Song dialog window. From here you can type in the Title of the song, the Artist name, and the Date. By default the current date will be used, however this can be changed if you need a date other than the current one. Additionally if you just launched the application you can just start building a song and won't be asked for this information until you try to save.


Often times when starting a new song, you don't want to have to enter every setting and add every piece of gear each time. More often you want to start a new song with the settings from the previous song. The New Song dialog box allows you to choose a template from your previous songs as a starting point. This will load all the settings from the template song into the new one, including the Title, Artist, and Date. Once you select the template, you can change this information. The first time you save, you will be asked to confirm those items.


The New Song dialog box provides several filters to help you find a template song more easily. This way you can view only songs by a particular artist, producer, etc. As soon as you begin typing text into the filter fields, the list will show only songs that match that text. For example, if you type 'bob' into the Artist filter, then only songs where the artist name begins with 'bob' will be listed. And these filters can be used in combination. In future versions there will be more filter options.

Column sorting

The templates section of the New Song dialog window is divided into columns. You can click on the column titles to sort by that column, For example, clicking on the Date column title will allow you to sort the songs by date. This can be useful in that it allows you to quickly find the last song you worked on, which is often what you want to use as a starting point for the new song. Clicking on the column titles a second time will sort the songs by that column in reverse order.

Clicking on the Create button will load the data from the template song into the newly created song. The new song at this point will not be saved. It will only be saved once you elect to save the song. If you try to save the song without changing the song title from the template song, you will be asked if you want to overwrite the original song, create a new song with the same name, or to cancel.