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using the Patches Tab

Often when recalling a song, the gear is patched together at the patch bay an done at once. The Patch List provides a list of all the patches needed in your song that from one location you can go down the list and make all the patches in your patch bay and be sure you covered them all. It doesn't provide a layout glimpse like the Console sheet, but it does make it easier to know every patch needed.


To use the Patch List, click on the Patches tab, or click on one of the Patch Lists under the Patch section of the Rack pane.

By default there is one patch sheet included in songs. If you don't need any you can always delete them. Each patch sheet includes 48 patches. And each patch has a title field and a description field. How you use these fields is up to you, but the most common method is to use the Label to indicate the patch point, and the description to note what is connected to it. So for example you might label a title "AUX 1" and then use the description field to notate which device that AUX 1 is patched into.

Adding a Patch Sheet

If you need more than the 48 patches, or want to space out your patches for organization, you can add more patch sheets by pressing Add Sheet in the Button bar, or Add Sheet from the Patch menu. You can access the patch sheet pages by clicking on the desired patch sheet in the Patch section of the Rack pane on the left side of the application.

Removing a Patch Sheet

If you want to remove patchs you can do so by pressing the Remove Sheet button in the Button bar, so by selecting Remove Sheet from the Patches menu. This will remove the currently selected patch sheet. Any data in that sheet will be lost!