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Printing a song

When you finish a song, you may want to simply print a copy to have reference to (it's much easier to recall a song holding paper than holding a laptop), or for reference, or simply as a backup.

Teaboy does not print directly to your printer. Instead it prints to a PDF file. This allows you more options in printing to paper or as storing an electronic read-only copy. This makes for a great backup, and for a great reference file. You can print a PDF and store it in with your DAW session files. It also makes for a great backup in case you accidentally delete a song from your account. You can also then send the PDF to others who do not use the Teaboy Software.


To print, simply press the Print button, or select Print from the File menu ( CMD+P on Mac, CTRL+P on Windows). You will be asked to provide a name for the PDF file and you will be able to choose a location to save to. Once you have entered this information, press Save. How long it will take to print to a PDF file will depend on how big your song is and whether you are printing real pictures or mechanical drawings.

Printing Modes

Because printing to paper with real images can use up a lot of ink, Teaboy allows songs to be printed as mechanical drawings. In fact Teaboy prints mechanical drawings by default. The reason being that they are smaller in size, easier to read at small size, and use less ink.

Printing Preferences

You can change this setting by opening the Teaboy Preferences. Select Preferences form the File menu ( CMD+, on Mac, ALT+, on Windows). In the General tab, you can select a printing style of Mechanical or Photo. In addition you can select to print disabled gear. Since disabled gear indicates that the gear is not being used, by default it will also not print out. If you still want to print your song including disabled gear, then you can check the option here to Print disabled gear.

Since not everyone uses a console or needs to patch connections, the Print Section of the Preferences allows you to select the default settings for what pages will be printed or not. You can change these options in the Print window during the printing process, but these preferences will determine the default. Simply uncheck which sections of the recall you don't need.