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Saving a song

To open a saved song, select Open form the File menu (CMD+O on Mac, CTRL+O on Windows) or by pressing the Open button in the Button bar. This will bring up the Open Song dialog box. Here you will see a list of existing song. You can open a song by selecting the song from the list and pressing Open, or by double-clicking on a song from the list.


The songs in the Open Song dialog window display different columns of data pertaining to the songs. You can click on a column title to sort the list by the data in that column. By clicking again, the order will be reversed. This makes it easy to sort by date as often times you may be looking for the last song you worked on.


You can use the filters to sort your song list. This can make it easier to find the song you are looking for. Typing the word 'bob' in the Artist filter field will shorten the song list to all songs who's artist starts with 'bob'. Often times it may be quicker to type the first few letters of a song or artist than scrolling through the list.


The dates listed in the Open Song dialog box are from when the song was created and not the date entered in the date field of the Song Info tab. Future versions will allow you to select between the two.