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Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Teaboy and the Teaboy Audio services.

Teaboy Tabs

Teaboy is divided into 4 main sections which can be selected through the titles tabs:


This is where you add gear, select gear, and change settings, remove gear, etc. Basically anything that involves working with the gear itself will be done in this tab.


This section is used to document the patching of your mixing console. This gives you a visual layout that represents the channel strips of your console as well as the labeling of the console channels.

Patch List

This provides a list of all the patching used to connect your gear and any connections made in the song (including patches that don't involve any outboard gear, etc). This serves as a basic list so when a song needs to be recalled, the engineer can simply go down the list of patches like a check list. Since the patching is generally done all at once and from one location, this makes it easy to find all the patching information in one place.


This tab provides information about the session. Not only the Song Title, Artist, and Date, but all the other details and a notes section to provide misc information that one might need to know about the song.

Each of these sections has a page listed in the left hand pane of Teaboy. This allows you to quickly select between different recall sheets, be it a piece of gear, or a patch list, etc. Each section can be opened and closed to maximize window space by simply clicking on the section title.