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using Templates

Using templates in recall documentation is very important. Until now everything was done by hand so the concept to using templates is very new. When you create a new song in Teaboy, you are given the choice of starting from a previously saved song.

If you have a default studio set up that you want to use, then you can create a new song, enter the default information, patches, and gear with the default gear settings you want to use. You can then save that song and name it something that makes it obvious to you that it is a template (maybe something like 'Studio TEMPLATE').

To use a template: Press the New button, select New from the File menu, or use the key command CMD+N (Ctrl+N on Windows). Under the templates section you will see a list of existing songs. Select the one you wish to use as a template. This will also update the info section. After making this selection, you can update the song Title, Artist, and Date to match your needs. Pressing Create will create a brand new song using the settings of your selected template.

Generally each time you start a new song, you are going to want to start from the previous song since the gear settings are already in the same place as the last project. Doing this means you only have to adjust the settings that were changed instead of starting from scratch.